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Adding Tax Codes


Staff can select a variety of Tax Codes while creating Products and Ship Methods, to set the tax applicable to the Product and Ship Method respectively. Tax Codes on Nimble AMS are custom codes created by us so that it is easier for the staff user to understand which code is to be applied on each product or ship method.

Associations can also define user understandable codes to categorize the products based on tax applicable to each.

Available Tax Codes

By default, the following Tax Codes are shipped in Nimble AMS:

  • Tax Codes for Product page: 

    • Books

    • Digital Books

    • Training and Seminar
    • Magazines
    • Dues/Memberships
    • Cancellation fees
  • Tax Codes for Ship Method page:

    • Shipping and Handling

    • Shipping Only

Advanced Taxation: Adding More Tax Codes

Apart from the tax codes shipped by default, the Administrator can add more to the drop down on Product and Ship Method pages. To do this, they need to follow the steps below:

In the Tax Code pick list of Product object in Nimble AMS, add the desired Tax Code values from the ones configured on the Avalara portal

Expected Result

A Staff User will now get the added values in Tax Code drop down of Product page and can select the desired Tax Code for the product. 

Shipping Method Tax Codes

There are some cases where tax is to be charged on shipping charges and there are other instances where it is not dependent on where you are located, or the shipping from or to locations. By mapping Tax Codes to Shipping Methods, you can make sure that tax is charged on shipping where required.

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