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Advanced Taxation Improvements

We've made a number of improvements to stabilize Advanced Taxation capabilities so that your staff can 'set it and forget it'.

Nimble AMS Staff View

What's New?

Moving to Beta

With these improvements we are moving Advanced Taxation to Beta status and making it available for all customers.  See the Advanced Taxation page and supporting enablement steps for more detail.

Better warning message for purchasing taxable products

The warning message was updated to guide users more clearly when a user without billing and shipping address tries to purchase product which is taxable. (AMS-10994)

Defects Fixed

Update Billing Address hassle-free!

Previously when External Sales Tax toggle was Off and Manual Tax was being used, Staff and Community Hub users may have experienced an error when updating the billing address on an account associated with a cart.  This situation was rare as it only occurred if profile and permissions were not set correctly for those users, but still something we felt should be fixed. (AMS-11083, NC-5639)

Developer Extension for Ship From Address with Advanced Taxation

Prior to this improvement, the  Ship From Address  used for calculating tax in Advanced Taxation feature was only taken from the  Ship From Address of Entitie object. After the improvement, the developers can change the current logic by introduction of a new application event such that, an organization can take the  Ship from Address  from not only Entities but any object like Product, Ship Method, etc. The intent is to give users more choices for fetching the Ship From Address used for tax calculation. (AMS-10693)

Community Hub

What's New?


Defects Fixed

Avalara transactions made compatible with Coupons

You will now find updated amounts in Avalara transactions when Community Hub users apply coupons during checkout process as we have globalized the ExternalTaxId property of the Order class and Order Processor Tax validator. (NC-5638, AMS-11294, AMS-11284, AMS-11285, AMS-11067)

Avalara transactions can be marked as Void for payment fails

When a payment fails in Community Hub, the corresponding transaction on Avalara is now marked as Void so that users have a clear picture of exactly which transaction actually took place and was charged for. Previously, multiple transactions were created for the same order on the Avalara portal which remained uncommitted. (NC-5426)

Avalara Transactions synced with order cancellations

When an order gets cancelled in Nimble AMS, the amount in the Avalara transaction for the order now also gets updated to zero. (AMS-11287)

Avalara Transaction not created for non-taxable products

When you purchase a non taxable product in Community Hub, it no longer creates a $0 transaction in Avalara when shipping address state of account has an external sales tax record in Nimble AMS. (AMS-11585)

Quick purchase of non shippable, non billable products

Purchasing non-taxable and non-shippable products without entering the billing address no longer causes errors on the Billing Address card. Previously, on such purchases, if another shippable and taxable product was added and then removed before checkout, user was shown an error on Billing Address card. (NC-5605)

Tax calculation made compatible with Coupons and Express Payments

Previously for express carts and express orders, when External Sales Tax toggle was on, after the application or removal of coupon code on My Checkout page, tax was not being recalculated and the product price (discounted or original) was being shown without tax. Now the taxes are correctly recalculated after application or removal of coupons. (NC-5717, NC-5551, NC-5672, AMS-11324)

Fixed a few defects affecting Community Hub carts

  • Deleting a product in the cart, when there are more than one product in the cart, on the My Checkout page no longer gives the user a tax calculation error. Previously this was throwing a confusing error and preventing the user from completing their order. (NC-5596)

  • Community Hub users sometimes received an error message on recalculation of tax.  This was not a common situation and is now resolved. (AMS-11165)

Shipping details now display correctly

In checkout process for a taxable product having an external sales tax record created, when the Community Hub user selected a shipping option and clicked ‘Calculate Tax and Shipping’, the shipping cost and shipping option selection was being removed. Also shipping cost reappeared on selecting any of the shipping options again. This was fixed. (NC-5406)

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