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Apply Custom Styles and Scripts

Nimble AMS provides a custom setting by which one can embed custom scripts and stylesheets into Community Hub to create a completely custom look and experience. This is done by uploading scripts and styles as a static resource, creating a Visualforce component, creating an Apex class that implement the component, and finally, adding the class name to a custom setting.

  1. Add the scripts and stylesheets as a static resource

    Learn how to add a static resource (external).

  2. Create a Visualforce component which imports any custom scripts / stylesheets.
  3. Create an Apex class which implements the IComponentService interface and returns an instance of the component in the GetHeadComponent() method.
  4. Set your static resource as the Community Hub styles.

You can perform these Community Hub configurations from Community Hub Settings. Follow the listed steps to apply custom styles and scripts.

a. In the tab bar, click 

 App Launcher.

b. Search and select Community Hub Settings. 

c. Go to the Customization Settings.

d. Click Edit next to customization in Customization Settings.

e. In Component Service, enter the Apex class that implements the |ComponentService interface.

f. Click Save.

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