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Three core aspects of the architecture of Nimble AMS are the Lightning Platform, App Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Lightning Platform

If you are an administrator, there is a lot to learn about working on the Lightning Platform. The good news is there are many different resources available for you to master anything you set your mind to. For working in Lightning Platform, we recommend you take a look at these resources:

When customizing Nimble AMS, the Lightning Platform gives you many tools. Code, workflow, process builders, and validation rules are just some of the ways you can make your org better fit your association. Before introducing changes to your production environment, we recommend trying them out in a sandbox environment and running the apex tests. This ensures there are no unexpected side effects to any changes big or small.

App Cloud

Nimble AMS is just one of the many AppExchange apps available for you to use to empower your association. The AppExchange is the business app store from Salesforce and features thousands of enterprise and small business applications to fit your needs. We recommend you browse the AppExchange to see what other apps you are interested in.

Community Cloud

Community Hub lives on Community Cloud, which means you can use your data to give constituents unique online experiences. To get started, we recommend you take a look at these resources:

As part of Nimble AMS, Community Hub is your way to expose certain data and fields to your constituents. Because Community Hub lives on Community Cloud, the default sharing setting for any new custom objects you makes your data publicly accessible. To ensure your data is seen by the right people, set the Sharing Settings of all new objects to Private upon creation.

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