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Community Hub Users, Accounts, Permission Sets, and Profiles

Community Hub uses a combination of users, accounts, permission sets, and profiles to provide access, personalization, and security. Community Hub user permissions and access settings are specified using profiles and permission sets. It’s important to understand the differences between profiles and permission sets so you can use them effectively. For more details, see the Related Links.


[Community Name] Site Guest User

[Community Name] Site Guest User is used by everyone who navigates to public Community Hub pages, like the Login Page, Create Account Page, Upcoming Events Page and Donate Now Page. When someone clicks to create their account, the account is created and the listed creator for the record is [Community Name] Site Guest User. [Community Name] Site Guest User is hidden from the main Setup area in Staff View, cannot be deactivated, and should not be altered. The user also uses the [Community Name] Profile which should not be altered.


A [Username]–example: John Smith–is used by all users who log into Community Hub. Each individual in Community Hub has their own user record, which is associated to their individual person account record. The user record is what contains an individual's username and password, and can be used to grant or deny access to Community Hub, as well as to send the individual a password reset email. The account record is what contains their demographic information, and relates to their membership, affiliations, purchases, history, etc. in Nimble AMS. The [Username] user record is created automatically in different ways throughout Nimble AMS. Learn more about Automated User Creation.


Online Guest Checkout

Online Guest Checkout is the account record tied to all orders submitted without logging in, like when making a one-time donation or express payment as a guest. This account should be excluded from all analytics, except for those where you are looking specifically for orders made by guests.

Permission Sets

[Community Name] Site Guest User

Community Hub uses the Community Hub Guest permission set which is assigned to [Community Name] Site Guest User for all users who have not signed into Community Hub, but wish to access public pages. This allows administrators to control what pages and fields are seen by users who are not logged in. By default, the permission set has very limited access to just those pages and fields needed to log in, create an account, recover or discover an account, view events, browse the store, or make a one-time donation. If an administrator wants to expose a new page or field to users who are not logged in, they can grant read or edit access to the Community Hub Guest permission set.


Community Hub Login User

Community Hub Login User is the profile used by all Community Hub users who have logged in. This profile has access to all Community Hub features, and is assigned to all individual accounts that have associated  [Username] user records. If an administrator wants to expose a new page, object, or field to users who are logged in, they can grant read or edit access to the Community Hub Login User profile.

Keep in mind that granting page, object, or field access to the Community Hub Login User profile gives Community Hub users access to view and/or create records. Be sure you fully understand the security implications before granting access.

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