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Authorized Email Domains

Authorized email domain(s) in Community Hub ensures only employees and company locations of the company are affiliated within the association and helps staff save time in reviewing and validating the affiliations between individuals, company locations, and parent companies are accurate.

Authorized email domain(s) maintain that:

  • Individuals can only affiliate themselves with their company if their email has a valid domain
  • Company managers can only affiliate their company to a company location whose primary contact has an email with a valid domain

Staff can set a valid email domain(s) for a company in Staff View and, when enabled in Community Hub, company managers can set a valid email domain(s) on the Edit Company page.

How it Works

When a valid email domain(s) is set for a company, there are two areas in Community Hub that it controls and provides the layer of security ensuring only the authorized affiliations are created.

When a valid email domain(s) is set for a company:

  • Individuals are only allowed to affiliate themselves to that company if their email matches the valid domain(s).
  • Company mangers can only add individuals to their company roster if their email matches the valid domain(s) and can only to add a company location if their primary contact has an email with a valid domain.

    Primary Contact Email on the company location account must be populated in order for it to be affiliated to a company using an authorized email domain(s).

Authorized email domain(s) are validated on theAdd Individual and Add Affiliation pages in Community Hub.


Some examples of ways you can set up an Authorized Email Domain(s) to customize the affiliation process in Community Hub:

  • Only allow individuals to affiliate themselves to a company when creating their account if their email ends with "".
  • Optionally, allow company managers to set an authorized email domain(s) for their company.
  • Ensure company managers can only add individuals to their company's roster if their email ends with "" or "".
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