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Automated User Creation

Administrators can set when Nimble AMS automatically creates a Community Hub user record along with a constituents new account record.

Community Hub

There are a few different ways constituents can automatically create a user in Community Hub.

Creating an Account

When a constituent first creates their Community Hub account, a user record is automatically created and related to the account.

Disable Username Generation

You can enhance the efficiency of Nimble AMS and reduce used resources by turning off the .NET username generation feature. By doing this, Nimble AMS will not create a username on creation of an account.

To turn off username creation in Nimble AMS on creating an account, follow the below steps:

  1. From Setup, enter Custom Metadata Types in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Metadata Types.
  2. Click Manage Records next to the Tag of Nimble AMS. 

  3. Click Edit next to the DisableDotNetUsernameGeneration

  4. Select Is Active.
  5. Click Save.

To enable username generation, make the DisableDotNetUsernameGeneration toggle inactive.

No Effect on Community Hub User Generation

The DisableDotNetUsernameGeneration toggle only affects Nimble AMS and has no effect on username generation in Community Hub.

Once DisableDotNetUsernameGeneration is enabled, we recommend editing page layout of Account object to remove self service section and its fields, as they are related to this toggle and of no use if the toggle is enabled.

Resetting an Account Password

By default, when a constituent tries to reset the password of an account with no related user record, Community Hub does not send them a password reset email, since the user record is where passwords are stored. Administrators can set Nimble AMS so when a constituent tries to reset their password, Community Hub checks to see if there is an account record with a matching email, creates an associated user record, and sends the password reset email.

The insert account with forgot password will only work if there is exactly 1 account that has the matching email address.

Creating a New Individual from the Company Roster

By default, when a company manager creates a new individual from the company roster, an account record is created. Administrators can set Nimble AMS to create both account and user records when an individual is added.

Staff View

By default, when staff create an account in Staff View, a user record is not created. Administrators can set Nimble AMS to create a related user when staff create an account.

Welcome Email

By default, when a user is created—either by constituents or staff—a welcome email is sent to the email address on the record welcoming them to Community Hub. Administrators can set Nimble AMS to not send the welcome email when user records are created. Learn how to Change Community Hub Email Templates or Disable the Community Hub Welcome Email.

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