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Change a Field Label

There are two different ways to change fields labels depending on whether the field is a standard Salesforce object field or a Nimble AMS or custom field.

Change a Standard Salesforce field

The altered field label will is displayed in Staff View and Community Hub.

  1. From Setup, enter Tab Names and Labels in the Quick Find box, then select Rename Tabs and Labels.
  2. In Select Language, select your default language.
  3. Click Edit next to the object containing the field label you want to change.
  4. Click Next.
  5. In Singular, enter the singular form on the field label. Example: Account
  6. In Plural, enter the plural form of the field label. Example: Accounts
  7. If the label starts with a vowel, select Starts with a vowel sound.
  8. Click Save.

Change a Nimble AMS field or Custom Field

The altered field label displays in Staff View and Community Hub.

  1. From Setup, enter Translation Workbench in the Quick Find box, then select Override.
  2. In Package, select the package including the field label you are overriding.
  3. In Language, select the language you are using for the field label.
  4. In Setup Component, select Custom Field.
  5. In Object, select the object on which the field is located.
  6. Enter your label override.

    Double click in the override column to enter new values. You can press Tab to advance to the next editable field or Shift-Tab to go to the previous editable field.

  7. Click Save.


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