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Company Scheduled Payments Page

On the Company Scheduled Payments page, constituents can view and manage the flexible payments for the orders created for organizations from the individual’s account. The flexible payments include one-time scheduled payments, installment payments, and recurring payments. Learn more about Flexible Payments.

The users get directed to the Company Scheduled Payments page if they create a company schedule. 

Recently, the additional settings have been modified to direct the user to the Company Scheduled Payments page, only on the creation of the company schedule. If this user creates an individual schedule, then the user will land on the My Scheduled Payments page as it did earlier. 

View Scheduled Payments

Constituents can view their company's scheduled payments. Each company scheduled payment displays the status, date, product list, product quantity, per unit prices, and payment method. Installment plans also display the date of the next payment. 

Filter Payments

The constituents can use the filters on the Company Scheduled Payments to see specific results for the company's scheduled payments. The constituents can use the following filters.

  • All: Using this filter, the constituents can see all company scheduled payments including completed, pending, failed, etc. 
  • Failed: Using this filter, the constituents can only see failed company scheduled payments. 
  • Upcoming:  Using this filter, the constituents can see the company payments that are scheduled for future. 

If the constituents want to be redirected to the My Scheduled Payments Page even if they create either a company schedule or an individual schedule, they have to deactivate the following custom metadata types. 

  • PayLaterRedirect_Individual
  • PayLaterRedirect_Company
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