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Create an Installment Frequency

Staff can define the standard installment plans offered—the occurrence, length, and number of installments—with the Frequency object.

User Permissions Needed

Nimble AMS Schedule Create & Modify All permission set.

  1. In the tab bar, click 
    , or in Salesforce Classic, click +.
  2. Click Frequencies.
  3. Click New.

  4. In Frequency Name, enter the name you wish to assign to the frequency.
  5. In Length, enter the length of the frequency interval.
  6. In unit, select the unit of frequency.
  7. In Occurrences, set the number of times you want the installments to occur (Edit the page layout to add this field to Frequency Object). Using this field Nimble AMS will automatically calculate how to split up a selected installment.

Default Frequency

When you create a frequency, Nimble AMS does not make it the default frequency. If you wish to set any frequency as default, select the default checkbox on frequency record. 

In case of Donation, the default frequency is always One Time irrespective of what is marked as default. As an example, if we mark Monthly as default frequency for a Donation product, on the selected frequency on Donate Now page is still One Time.

When creating an installment plan to use in Community Hub, you must select Community Hub Enabled. Also, ensure Frequency Name is a name that can be easily read and understood by constituents.

In Unit, if you don't see the unit you want to use, a picklist value can be added to that field. Speak with your admin about adding it. Admins, learn more about how to Add or Edit Picklist Values (external).

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