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Delete a Stored Payment Method

Staff can delete a stored payment method for an account to remove the stored eCheck accounts and credit/debit cards constituents can use when checking out in Community Hub or in the Staff View order process. Deleting a stored payment method also deletes the external payment profile record and the related profile in the payment gateway.

Keep in mind that deleting a stored payment option does not delete payments made using that stored payment method. The payments records are still marked with the last four digits of the credit card number or account number, and indicate they were made with a stored payment method.

Also, if the stored payment method being edited is on the BluePay payment gateway, the token is not deleted in the payment gateway. Instead, the external payment profile is deleted in Nimble AMS and the token remains in the payment gateway. 245825537.


Stored Payments cannot be deleted when related to a Failed Scheduled Payment.

User permission Needed: NU Stored Payments permission set.

  1. From an account, in the Stored Payment Methods related list, click Del next to the stored payment method you want to remove and click OK.

    If the stored payment method is related to a scheduled payment that hasn’t been processed, you must update the scheduled payment with a different stored payment method and try again.

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