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Determine Which Duplicate Service Your Org is Using

Nimble AMS allows you to use one of three duplicate services with Community Hub: DupeService, ContainsDupeService2, and DatacloudDupeService.

Contact Nimble AMS Support to complete these steps.

  1. From Setup | Custom Settings, locate Customization Settings and click Manage.
  2. Click to Edit the Customization setting for the Community Hub you want to check.

  3. The value in Individual Duplicate Service Class determines which duplicate service you are using:

If no value is specified in Individual Duplicate Service Class, it defaults to the logic used by ContainsDupeService2.

If Individual Duplicate Checking Enabled is not selected, individual duplicate checking is not active in Community Hub, regardless of the value in Individual Duplicate Service Class. However, if you have active Salesforce duplicate rules configured and associated with active matching rules, those can still be triggered by Community Hub users. For example, if you configured a Salesforce matching rule and a duplicate rule that blocks duplicate creations and edits, the duplicate rule does not care if a Community Hub user or a staff user triggered it: it will block it.

You should have a firm grasp of how duplicate rules and matching rules work before configuring them and also test them in staging, so you don't encounter any surprises. Read our detailed guide on 193953826.

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