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Display a Related List of Schedules on Historical Record Pages

If your association uses scheduled payments, staff may want to view an account's schedules directly from a historical record (such as memberships, registrations, or merchandise). This recipe provides one way you can easily accomplish this.

Recipe Prep

Before completing this recipe, you first need to:

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You will add just one ingredient to your org to make this recipe:


Related List - Single

Lightning ComponentDisplays a related list of schedule records for the account related to the engagement record.


In this example, we will update the record page for memberships, but you can follow these steps for any of the other historical records, such as registrations or merchandise.

  1. In Lightning, go to a membership record and edit the page.

  2. In Lightning App Builder, add a Related List - Single component to the page and ensure it's selected.

  3. In Parent Record, select Account.

  4. In Related List, select Schedules.

    At least with Salesforce Winter '19, you are limited to showing all schedules for the account; you cannot filter a related list to only show the schedule(s) corresponding with the specific historical record being viewed. In case you were eyeing the filters in the Set Component Visibility section, they won't do the trick because that simply determines if the entire component should be visible or not.

    One way to more easily identify the corresponding schedule(s) is to add a formula field on the membership object that displays the order number and to also expose the order number on the Schedules related list.

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