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Enable Account Record Type Selection on Create My Account and Add to Roster

  1. From Page Configuration, using the Page to configure: dropdown, select "Create My Account".
  2. Click New Card on Create My Account Page.
  3. In the Card drop down menu, select "AccountType".
  4. Click Save.

  5. Using the Page to configure: dropdown, select "Add to Roster".
  6. Click New Card on Add to Roster Page.
  7. In the Card drop down menu, select "AccountType".
  8. Click Save.

    The characters and spaces in the names of the cards on a page, together with the commas inserted between each on the Page Custom Setting may not exceed 255. Once reached, administrators will not be allowed to add additional cards to a page. If you are not allowed to add a card to a page, it is because the cards on the page have names that are too long, and must be shortened, or one or more cards must be removed or disabled.

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