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Enable and Configure Event Waitlisting in Community Hub


The Event Waitlisting in Community Hub feature enables association members to add themselves to a waitlist and receive email notifications as a confirmation of their status. This enhancement optimizes their online registration experience by making the process more streamlined.

Enablement Steps

To enable this feature, perform the steps provided in the following sections:

  • Update the Events Page layout

  • Update the Waitlist Page Layout

  • Add the Upcoming Waitlists card to the My Registration page

Update the Events Page Layout

  1. In order for Association staffers to enable or disable Event Waitlisting on the Events record, add the following two fields to the Community Hub section of the Events page layout:

    • Waitlist Enabled

    • Waitlist Active in Self Service

  2. In order for the Association staff to easily see the First Name, Last Name (if different from the Account), and the Email address without having to open up the Waitlist record, update the Event Waitlist Related List to add the fields (listed below) as columns. Next, move them beside the Account column.

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email Address

Update the Waitlist Page Layout

Add the following new fields to the Waitlist page layout:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

Add the Upcoming Waitlists card to the My Registrations page

  1. From Staff View, click on the app launcher icon to go to the Community Hub Setup.

  2. Click on the Pages tab.

  3. Choose My Registrations from the Page to Configure drop-down menu.

    1. Scroll down to the Cards on the My Registrations page section. 
    2. Click Add a Card on the right.

    3. Select the Upcoming Waitlists card and the page will save automatically.

Add the Email Notification 

Administrators can leverage Salesforce automation tools to send an email notification to the member when he or she successfully joins a waitlist. Adding the Email Notification requires that you:

  1. Configure Email Service in the org’s communication settings. Skip this step if you already have it configured.

  2. Create an email template that you would like your members to see when they are added to the waitlist.

  3. Configure the process builder to trigger the email notification. To add the Email Notification, follow the recipe

Check the Permission Set

  1. To prevent any issues, check that the permission set has already been added for the Community Hub Login User profile. If it has not, then make sure to add it.

  • This profile should have permissions to the nu_Waitlist_c object and should be for 'Read' and 'Create'.


  • Association members can only add themselves to a waitlist.

  • Association members are not able to remove themselves from a waitlist.

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