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Events with Community Hub

To make things easier for your constituents, you can provide them with the ability to access and register for an event through Community Hub.

You can set:

  • The image that displays on the Event Details page
  • Whether the event displays on the Upcoming Events Page
  • Whether constituents can register
  • Whether constituents can register their colleagues
  • The time period in which constituents can register
  • Whether constituents can edit or cancel their registration
  • The last day constituents can edit or cancel their registration

Using Events in Community Hub

Community Hub provides users the ability to view all upcoming events and learn more about each one. When registering for an event, the name of the event and the steps within the registration process are always shown to help users see their progress and navigate in between steps. Each step can be shown or not shown to users, depending on how staff have set up the Event in Staff View.

Depending on how the Event is set up, users can register themselves or a colleague affiliated with their company. They can select sessions, guests, and answer any event related questions. Users can see their registration(s) on Checkout, and can modify them or remove them entirely.

Once registrations have been submitted, Community Hub users can see them on the My Registrations page. For each registration users can see if a registration is for an upcoming event or for one in the past, when the event is/was scheduled, and for whom the registration was placed. Users can also view the details on the registration to review the sessions that were chosen as well as to review the Order Summary for the order in which the registration was placed.

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Disable the Add To Calendar Button in Community Hub

Administrators can disable the Add to Calendar button on the Order Summary page in Community Hub by following the steps listed below.

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Enable a Cancellation Reason in Community Hub

Administrators can enable a Cancellation card which is shown on Checkout when users are cancelling a registration.

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Enable the Extendable Event Information Experience in Community Hub

In orgs where Nimble AMS was installed prior to the Nimble AMS Winter '18 release, administrators can enable the new Event Information Page to replace the Event Page in Community Hub.

The Event Information page uses the InteriorDynamicPage2 Page Template which allows developers to extend the functionality of the registration button on the page. You can use this page to create custom button behaviors based on demographics or membership status and customize where constituents are taken when they click the button.

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Hide an Event in Community Hub

Staff can set an event so it is hidden on the Upcoming Events page in Community Hub. When an event is hidden, staff can share the event registration URL with constituents so that they can access the Event Information page directly and register for the event. This is useful if an event is only intended for specific individuals or members of certain groups.

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