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Enable Community Hub User Creation from the Password Reset

In a case where a collection of new individuals from a 3rd party system was imported into Nimble AMS as accounts. In many cases, when those accounts are created, they do not have related user records.

By default, when a constituent tries to reset the password of an account with no related user record, Community Hub does not send them a password reset email, since the user record is where passwords are stored. Administrators can set Nimble AMS so when a constituent tries to reset their password, Community Hub checks to see if there is an account record with a matching email, creates an associated user record, and sends the password reset email.

  1. From Setup, enter Custom Metadata Types in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Metadata Types.
  2. Click Manage Records next to Tag for the Community Hub installed package.
  3. Click Edit next to InsertUserWithForgotPasswordWIN18.
  4. Select Is Active.
  5. Click Save.
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