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Enablement Steps for Point of Sale


This page will show you how to enable Point of Sale for your organization.


  • Hosted Payment Forms must be enabled to use the Point of Sale feature
  • IDtech Augusta Credit Card Scanner is required to use Point of Sale feature. It must be purchased from CardConnect directly. Contact Nimble AMS Support or your Nimble AMS Customer Account Manager if you need assistance with placing this order.

Computer Requirements

  • Nimble AMS should be running on a PC that has a USB port and is running on Windows 7 or higher
  • Nimble AMS should be running on latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge

Enablement Steps

Enablement steps and configuration steps for Point of Sale Feature are listed below:

1. Enabling Point of Sale for the organization

To give staff users the ability to use the point of sale feature, you first need to enable it. To enable point of sale feature, follow these steps as Staff Admin:

  1. Add Enable Point of Sale checkbox to the page layout for User object.
  2. From Setup, enter Custom Metadata Types in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Metadata Types.
  3. Click Manage Records next to the Tag of Nimble AMS. 

  4. Click Edit next to the Point of Sale

  5. Select Is Active.
  6. Click Save.

Fig 1.0

2. Configure which Staff Users can use Point of Sale feature

After enablement, by default, no staff users are given access to use Point Of Sale feature. Since staff users can only use the feature, your organization will need to decide which set of users should be given access.  And also make sure they are provided with IDTech Augusta device. Your organization can also grant access to staff users for a limited amount of days (time), so that their day to day payment process remains streamlined and only have Point of Sale option enabled during Conferences and Events.

To enable this feature for specific users, follow the below steps:

  1. From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users
  2. Click Edit for the User whom you want to enable Point of Sale feature
  3. Check the Point of Sale checkbox. If the field is not available on the page layout, please update the layout and add the field.
  4. Click Save

Fig 1.1

Time-based Access for Users

If time based access is required for specific users to use the point of sale feature, we recommend customizing the business rule Allow logged in Point of Sale or creating a new business rule. This functionality can be really helpful if you want to provide Point Of Sale access to certain staff users only during a Conference or an Event. 

As an example, the business rule will take into account the start date and end date of the event and populate the checkbox for enabling or disabling point of sale access for the user. Hence, when the current date will lie within the event dates, the user will be able to use the point of sale feature. The additional step of deselecting the enable point of sale checkbox will be eliminated for the staff user.

Fig 1.2

3. Connect the Reader to your Computer

Connect the Reader device to your computer and you are all set to use Point of Sale. 

Customer Experience 

Expected Result

The Point of Sale feature at this point should be enabled and the reader button will be visible on the Payment Details modal (hosted payment form only) during the Order process.

Click on Reader and swipe the card. Information will populate on the Payment Details modal.

To submit payment, click the Submit Payment button.

Hosted Payment Form With Reader Button

Fig 1.3

Populated Hosted Payment Form After Inserting Card

Fig 1.4

Point of Sale


Business Rules

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