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Field Set Form Card Type

The Field Set Form card type is used to display a field set as a collection of read only or editable fields, depending on the card layout or Apex class used as the controller for the card.


The Field Set Form card type requires a Datasource to be specified in order for it to function properly.

Card Layout

By default, fields on a card of this type are shown as editable. If administrators use a card layout with Allow In Place Editing selected–such as the AllowInPlaceEditing Card Layout–to show fields as read only when the page is loaded. A button is shown in the upper right hand corner of the card to allow users to make the fields editable. Additionally, users can click to cancel or submit their changes.

Custom Apex Controller

By default, fields on a card of this type are shown as editable. Additionally, developers can use a custom Apex controller to show the fields as read only based on custom logic.


When fields are edited and submitted, records in staff view are updated with the new values. The fields in this field set can be altered by an administrator at any time.

Card Type Information

Field Set Form
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