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Internationalization - Canada

What is Internationalization - Canada?

Nimble AMS now supports Associations in Canada! Whether an association operates exclusively in Canada or across the US and Canada, Nimble AMS provides the right technology needed for both staff and members.

Additional support for meeting Canadian data hosting requirements to Canadian currency and ISO Codes standards, Nimble AMS makes it easy for associations to grow their memberships and products.


Figure 1: Entities in Internationalization - Canada for Canada and US 

See Internationalization in Staff View...

Staff View for Canadian Associations

Figure 2: Order Process for Canadian Associations


  • Canadian Support: Feature-rich Nimble AMS product can be fully utilized to address the Canadian Association requirements.
  • Currency ISO Code Support: In case Association has presence in both Canada and US, staff users can set up multiple entities/products with their respective currencies using the Currency ISO code (CAD/USD). This clearly demarcates which product is in which Currency. 
  • Entity level Currency: Each financial entity of your association managed within Nimble AMS is represented by an entity record. You can track and manage one or more financial entities by defining the currency on them.
  • Support for Canadian Hosting Requirements: Nimble AMS can be hosted on Salesforce's Canadian Public Cloud to meet local hosting requirements. 

How to get started?

For more information on enabling the feature, please reach out to our Customer Success Team through a support case.

Currencies Configuration

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