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Lead Duplicate Rule for Integrations

If your association imports leads into Nimble AMS from a spreadsheet or automatically via an integration, you can create a duplicate rule that allows the import of potential duplicates but reports on it for staff to address.

This recipe uses YM Careers as the example for the integration source, but you can change the configuration to apply to other integrations or to all leads, regardless of the source. Learn more about the 193953830.

Recipe Prep

This recipe has no prerequisites but prior to making it, you should understand:


There is just one ingredient in this recipe:

Suggested NameTypeDescription
Nimble AMS YM Careers Lead Duplicate Rule

Duplicate Rule

This duplicate rule is used in conjunction with the standard matching rules from Salesforce to report on a lead that is created or edited by the YM Careers integration such that it duplicates another lead or a person or business account. It will also display the duplicates on the Potential Duplicates component on the lead record page.

Learn more about the Standard Matching Rules (external).


You can follow these directions to make this recipe in your org:

  1. Activate the following matching rules (external).
    1. Standard Lead Matching Rule
    2. Standard Account Matching Rule
    3. Standard Person Account Matching Rule
  2. Create a Duplicate Rule (external) with the following values:

    Rule NameNimble AMS YM Careers Lead Duplicate Rule

    Identify leads created or updated from the YM Careers integration that duplicate other leads, accounts, and person accounts.

    Record-Level Security

    Enforce Sharing Rules

    Action on CreateAllow: Report only
    Action on EditAllow: Report only
    Matching Rule 1Compare Leads With: Leads Matching Rule: Standard Lead Matching Rule
    Matching Rule 2Compare Leads With: Accounts Matching Rule: Standard Account Matching Rule
    Matching Rule 3Compare Leads With: Person Accounts Matching Rule: Standard Person Account Matching Rule

    Field: Lead: Lead Source Operator: equals Value: YM Careers

    If YM Careers is not an available picklist value, you will need to add it to the Lead's Lead Source field. Learn how to Add or Create a New Lead Source.

This duplicate rule's conditions are such that it only runs for integrations created or edited by the YM Careers integration. You can modify this so it runs for other integrations, or more broadly for all leads. You can also create more than one lead duplicate rule, each with their own actions, matching rules, and conditions.

We do not recommend configuring the duplicate rule such that the Action on Create/Edit is Block, or that it is set to Allow with Alert enabled. Either of these configurations will prevent the integration from creating/updating a lead in Nimble AMS that triggers this duplicate rule, which means the integration will not function correctly.

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