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Limiting Events

Staff can limit events through a variety of means in order to ensure that only specific constituents can access or register for them, a particular number of seats are filled, or providing the option to attend part of a multi-day event. As a simple means of control, Staff can set the number of overall attendees by entering the maximum number of attendees in the  "Max Number Of Registrations"  field on the event record, which can be compared against the 'Total Registrants' field, which provides a count of each individual who has registered for the event. Once this number has been reached, constituents will no longer be able to register for the event in question in Community Hub.  However, Staff can bypass this hard limit by processing the registration in Staff View. The number of seats can also be limited for a particular session using the 'inventory on hand' for the session registration product - when the inventory on hand reaches 0, constituents can no longer attend the session - staff can not override this without updating the 'inventory on hand' field.


When users register for an event using a passcode, the passcode is added to the Passcode field on the Registration record. You can also set passcodes for specific registration types, rather than setting them for individual events.

Event Passes

Administrators and Staff with the proper permissions can create single day or full conference passes using registration products with prices. Passes are selected on the Choose Sessions Page in Community Hub and the Add Registration Page in the Staff View order process.

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