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Lookup Field

Lookup fields are displayed differently depending on whether the containing field set is read only order editable.

Read Only

A read only lookup field displays the value in the field as text.


An editable lookup field displays as an autocomplete input field, populated with an editable value when one is present.


When users begin typing into an editable lookup field, a drop-down displays below the field showing up to 10 records that match the input. The list is updated after each new input and users can click to choose a record from the list. If users enter a value that returns only one value and then deselects the field, the one matching value is populated in the field.


If users enter a value that does match any of the returned records, matches more than one record, or try to leave the lookup field blank when it is required, a validation message displays letting them know that the entry is not valid and they are not be permitted to submit the containing page. When users enter a valid value, the message is removed and users can submit the page.

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