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LWC- Event Details

Event Details

The Event Details Lightning Web Component (LWC) displays the detailed information of a particular event along with the Event Type, Event Image, Event Name, Start & End Date, and other related important details. This component can be placed on the Experience Cloud Lightning Page and provide the constituents with modern looking user experience.

This component supports device responsiveness that can be accessed through Tablet and Mobile devices.

Configuration Options

Learn more about Experience Builder here.

From the components list on the left panel, select the Event Details component and drag it onto the site page.

On the page, click within the Event Details component to bring up the Property editor.

Figure 1. Event Details LWC with configuration properties




Enter the string parameter to render this component dynamically if the member clicks on the View Event button from the other pages. Enter one of the options below:

  • Use {} if the component is placed on Standard pages. – recommended

  • Use {recordId} if the component is placed on Object pages.

Image Fit

The "Image fit" property relates to the resizing of an image to fit within a specified area.

This property offers to user several drop-down options, such as "Contain," "Cover," "Fill," "None," and "Scale-down," that can be used to adjust an image to fit within a specific location or space.

Image properties

Contain: Scales the image while preserving its aspect ratio to fit within the designated area without cropping.

Cover: Scales and crops the image to fill the designated area entirely.

Fill: Stretches or shrinks the image to fill the designated area entirely, which may result in the image being distorted.

None: Displays the image at its original size without scaling or cropping, which may result in the image being cut off if it is too large for the designated area.

Scale-down: Scales the image down proportionally to fit within the designated area if it is too large but does not scale it up if it is too small.

Show Register Button

If checked, the Register button will be displayed on the Event Catalog Component.

Call To Register Action Label

This is a text input field that lets the app builder specify what they want the call-to-action button’s label to be displayed.

Example: If you mention Register, the button on the component will be displayed with a label as Register.

Register Page

It determines the destination/location of the registration page where the user will be directed after clicking on the Register button.

For the OOB registration process enter "/communityhub/NC__experienceregistration" against this property field.


Figure 2. Event Details page when fill is used as Image Fit configuration

Use other LWCs from the Component list to create impactful page for your constituents. For e.g. use the ‘Rich Content Editor’ to add supporting information about the Event Details. For detailed steps on how to access and use Experience Builder, visit Experience Builder Overview (

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