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Events Discovery in Experience Cloud

Event Registration is one of the major revenue sources for most of the Associations and the Constituents begin their event registration journey by discovering the Events organized by their Associations. It goes without saying that having modern, efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly Event Discovery pages drastically helps increase in reach and sales for your Association and an amazing purchase experience for your Constituents.

The new Event Discovery experience is built on Salesforce’s powerful technology, Experience Cloud. We provide the Lightning Web Components (LWCs) that can be added to the Experience Cloud Lightning pages via easy-to-use drag-and-drop capability through Salesforce’s Experience Builder interface.

Event Discovery components such as:

  • Event Spotlight: Allows associations to promote a specific event on any Lightning Page.
  • Event Catalog: Displays all the upcoming events in either a list or grid view.
  • Event Details: Displays the full information about a particular event.
  • Event Filter: Allows constituents to search for events by selecting specific parameters.

All these combined, let your Association build an amazing purchase experience for your constituents as they go through the process of discovering the Events organized by your Association on the Experience Cloud Community Hub, making your online sales much smoother.

Figure 1. Event Catalog in a Grid layout and Event Filter


  • Enhanced User Experience: An intuitive and modern design will give your constituents an amazing experience while discovering the Events.

  • Increased Revenue Potential: The Experience Cloud Event Discovery experience will drive the constituents to discover the events better and potentially end up registering for an Event.

  • Salesforce Experience Cloud Platform: Apart from ensuring advanced security features and seamless system performance, Experience Cloud maximizes the flexibility and customization by enabling easy-to-use, drag-and-drop components through experience builder to be used on the lightning pages. The components created are also device responsive in nature.

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View and purchase Event Registration in Experience Cloud

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