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Manage Bank Account Page

Constituents navigate to the Manage Bank Account page from the My Payment Methods, and can add or edit a stored eCheck bank account.

Adding a New Stored Bank Account

When constituents click Add Bank Account on the My Payment Methods page, they navigate to the Manage Bank Account page which displays fields into which they can enter information for a new stored bank account.

Constituents can designate one stored payment method as the default method used when checking out. If the constituent has no other stored payment methods, the bank account is automatically selected as their default stored payment method. If they have an existing stored payment method(s) the bank account is not preselected, but constituents can select it as the default stored payment method.

Once done, constituents can click Save to add their stored bank account to their account and be taken back to the My Payment Methods page where a message displays letting them know the stored bank account has been added.

Stored bank accounts are added for the entity of the current Community Hub.

Editing a Stored Bank Account

When constituents click Edit for a stored bank account on the My Payment Methods page, they navigate to the Manage Credit Card page which displays the information for that stored bank account in editable fields. Constituents can make the desired changes, such as whether the stored bank account is the default stored payment method and update their billing address. For security, constituents must reenter their bank account information, as Nimble AMS does not store it, and reauthorize payments being made using this stored bank account. Once done, constituents can click Save to be taken back to the My Payment Methods page where a message displays letting them know the changes have been made.

Payment Authorization

To ensure your constituents give authorization to make payments using a bank account, they must agree to terms in order to save the bank account. They will be reminded of this authorization again when checking out.

Constituents can scroll to review the listed, but are not required to do so in order to click to agree to them.

Also, since the listed terms are added to the card as a label, the text is limited to 1000 characters. If you want more complex authorization text, we recommend you add a Plain Text Card to the page and add a link in the label to another web page with your full terms.

Changing the Default Stored Payment Method

Constituents can set a payment method as the default, and since they can only have one default stored payment method, Default is cleared on the previously default payment method.

Stored Bank Account Authorization

When constituents enter their bank account information and click Save, the information is verified with the payment gateway to ensure it is accurate.

If there are any issues validating the bank account information, a message displays suggesting constituents try reentering their information. 

If you are using the Authorize.Net payment gateway, constituents are limited to having a maximum of 10 stored payment methods at a time. If constituents add 10 stored payment methods, the My Payment Methods page no longer displays buttons to add a new one.

If constituents browse to the direct path for this page, none of the cards display and a message displays letting them know they may only store up to 10 stored payment methods at a time. They will need to browse to the My Payment Methods page and remove a stored payment before they can add a new one.

Page Information

Manage Bank Account
Heading LabelManageBankAccount
Description LabelAddOrEditBankAccount

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