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My Orders in Experience Cloud

Explore the "My Orders in Experience Cloud" feature, delivering an intuitive interface for association members to effortlessly access current and past orders. This self-service platform not only enables seamless order management but also elevates engagement. With a modern and efficient interface, we redefine the user experience, making order history easily accessible and navigable for our valued members.

Figure 1. My Orders page in Experience Cloud Community Hub.


  • Effortless Order Management and Enhanced User Experience: Seamlessly navigate and manage orders through an intuitive and modern interface, providing association members with a streamlined and enjoyable user experience.

  • Salesforce Experience Cloud Platform: Apart from ensuring advanced security features and seamless system performance, Experience Cloud maximizes flexibility and customization by enabling easy-to-use, drag-and-drop components through Experience Builder to be used on the lightning pages. The components created are also device-responsive.

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LWC- My Orders

Experience Cloud Community Hub

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