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One Payment - Community Hub

Nimble AMS makes it easy and convenient for members to pay off orders with outstanding balances through Community Hub.  With our easy to use One Payment functionality, your staff will spend less time following up on open orders as members can pay off multiple orders all with a single payment!  And Company Managers will also enjoy the same simple functionality as they manage paying off orders with outstanding balances for their company account.

For example, if the Community Hub user had several unpaid orders which included Membership and other orders such as Merchandise, the user would normally need to complete the payment process several times.  This process could potentially be time-consuming and may result in fewer payments for outstanding orders.  The One Payment - Community Hub feature has been introduced to enhance the payment experience for users.  The feature provides a more efficient and user-friendly way of paying off orders, by enabling them to apply a single payment to multiple orders in Community Hub. Users can efficiently select multiple orders with outstanding balances and apply a single payment in a quick and easy way. 

Users are able to apply a single payment to multiple outstanding orders, through a guided process which is accessible to users via Community Hub.  Users can simply follow an easy process to view all orders with a balance in a single window, then select one or multiple orders to make a single payment.  


  • Simple Member Experience: Individual users and Company Managers are able to apply a single payment to multiple unpaid orders in Community Hub.
  • Less Open / Aging AR: Members will have an easier time paying off orders reducing open Accounts Receivables.

  • Improves Accounting: Payment will be applied to the appropriate payment lines, making reconciliation of payments and accounting much more streamlined. 

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