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One Payment - Staff View Management

One Payment - Staff View feature has been created so that the staff user can apply a single payment to multiple orders in an easy step by step guided process. This serves as a quicker process when applying one payment to multiple orders in one go, rather than repeating the longer process of editing orders and going through the order processor for each order to pay for them.

Also, using One Payment - Staff View enables the staff to void or refund a payment quickly, without any hassles. 

Single Payment for multiple orders

This feature is quite useful to apply a single payment to multiple orders. As an example, lets say a company is providing membership to all or some of its employees. You can use the One payment Wizard to pay for all these orders with a single payment and finish the task in a few minutes. If the administrator has enabled the One Payment - Staff View feature in your org and has added the One Payment Wizard LWC to the page, the staff users will be displayed a Complete Payment button on that page. We recommend adding this LWC to the Account page or Order page as per your requirement. You can also add this to multiple pages.  

As an example, let's say you need to use the One Payment Wizard from an account. To apply a single payment to multiple orders using the One Payment Wizard, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Navigate to the account from which you need to apply a single payment to multiple orders. 
  2. Click Complete Payment, to launch the One Payment Wizard. 

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  3. If required, change the entity by clicking Order Entity icon

    on top right of the wizard pop up. This will display orders of the updated entity.

  4. Select the unpaid orders to be paid for using this payment method. 

  5. Click Add on top right to add orders to the selected orders section.

  6. If required, manually edit the amount to pay for the orders.
  7. Verify the Outstanding Balance and Amount to Pay.
  8. Click Proceed to Payment.
  9. Enter the person account name in Payer's information. This is the account being used to make the payment, so you can also enter a different person account name here, than the one the order was placed for.
  10. Click Continue to Payment Method.
  11. Select the payment method to use for this payment from the dropdown. If required, add a note.

  12. If required, update the Card Holder Name.
  13. Enter the Card Details.
  14. Click Confirm Pay.
  15. Click Continue to Payment.
  16. Verify all details and click Submit Payment.
  17. Check payment details and click Close.
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Payment lines and order items

Though only one payment record will be created after using the One Payment Wizard once, the number of created payment lines will depend on the number of order items and not the number of orders. Say, x orders were paid for using One Payment wizard but the number of order items is y, then y number of payment lines will be created.

Quick refund or voiding a transaction

If there are payments to be cancelled, mistaken transactions that need to be voided, using One Payment - Staff View feature this can be a quicker process than refunding through the order process. Staff users can make quick refunds using the One Payment - Staff View feature if the administrator has enabled One Payment - Staff View and added the Manage Payment LWC to the page. We recommend adding the LWC to the Payments page.

To quickly refund or void a transaction, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the payment record which has to be voided or refunded.
  2. Click Refund or Void/Refund, depending on the time period which has passed after the payment.

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Refunds made to payment method used for payments

Refund/Void is done to the same payment method that was used in the initial transaction. As an example, say a payment is made by a particular credit card. If refunded, amount will be reverted to the same credit card.


There are a few limitations in the present functionality provided by One Payment feature.

  • One Payment does not allow paying orders from multiple entities together. However, for multiple entities, payment can be made multiple times (once for each entity) using One Payment Wizard.

  • One Payment only supports orders, not carts.

  • One Payment only supports the payment methods: Credit Card, Check and Cash payment. It does not support other payment methods. Hosted Payment Checkout is not yet supported.

  • One Payment does not support partial refunds.

  • One Payment supports paying for maximum 200 orders at a time. However, the user can repeat the payment process and pay for next 200 orders next.

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