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Price Classes

In Nimble AMS, constituents may receive a reduced price based on their involvement with your association or other attributes. A price class is a group of your constituents who should receive the same price. For example, members may pay a lower price for merchandise than non-members.

You can create a product with special prices, so that you can assign different prices by price class. When a constituent purchases a product, the constituent's price class is used to determine what price is charged.

Nimble AMS comes predefined with both member and non-member price classes, and your association can create additional price classes through methods such as SOQL (through queries) or development effort.

Do not delete the default price class or it's values from the Multi-Select Price Class picklist; this will cause background processes to fail.

Create a Price Class

Staff can create one or more price classes to appropriately assign pricing rules to an account. For example, members may pay a lower price than non-members for products.

Edit a Price Class

Staffs can update a price class to capture additional qualifying information.

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