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Product Variants in Experience Cloud

Product Variants is now supported in Experience Cloud Community Hub to provide you and your association members with a modern, enjoyable, and seamless shopping experience. Members can view the various options (attributes) that a product provides and then select a specific product for purchase. They can either buy the product immediately through the 'Buy Now’ option or add the product to a Shopping Cart before checking it out through the Experience Cloud Checkout.

For example, suppose an association wishes to sell its branded conference shirt that comes in a variety of sizes and colors through Experience Cloud Community Hub. The staff can easily configure the products through the Product Variant wizard and make the various purchase options available to their members as they browse and view the details of the product. Members can switch between the various options to dynamically see the product image, price, and details of the offered product.


  • Easy Shopping Experience: Association members have an easy experience browsing and choosing between different product variations. Integrates smoothly with Lightning Store for a superior e-commerce experience.
  • Increased Revenue: Associations are able to offer a variety of products through a dynamic and modern user interface.

Get Started Today

Request to be enrolled in a pilot through the "Enroll in a Pilot" section on our NimbleLand Pilots page. Select the Experience Cloud Community Hub option from the Features drop-down.

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