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Received Record List Card Type

The Received Record List card type is hidden by default. The card type is listening for a record broadcast, which is a collection of records passed from another element on the page to the card type.

When another element on the page sends out a record broadcast, the card type appears and displays record information defined by a field set as a set of labels and fields. The first field in the field set acts as the title for each record and is displayed in bold font; It provides distinction between each record in the list. If no data is available, a custom label is shown to constituents.

The field set on this card type must be on the object from which the records are broadcast. Thus, if a collection of account records is broadcast to this card, the field set on the card must be on the Account object.

For example, a page has two cards:

  • A Field Set Form card named "Company Information" with a field set on the Account object and the Duplicate Company Search Button on it.
  • A Received Record List Card Type card named "Search Results" with a field set on the Account object which is listening for a record message broadcast from another card.

When constituents enter some information in the fields on the "Company Information" card and then click Search (That is, the Duplicate Company Search Button), the "Search Results" card appears on the page with search results based on what was entered into the "Company Information" card. For more information, see how this works on the Add Affiliation Page.

Card Type Information

Card Component ConstructorRecordListCardComponentFactory
Class NameFieldSetCard
Controller NameReceivedRecordListComponentController
Display NameReceived Record List

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