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Sales Cloud Connector Management

Using Sales Cloud Connector, Staff can manage the Sales process in a systematic manner, using Nimble AMS throughout. Using native Salesforce lead conversion capability, staff users may convert leads to opportunities and accounts. Then Convert the opportunities into Nimble AMS orders using the Nimble AMS interface. All this can be done easily with the easy-to-use interface provided by Nimble AMS.

Convert Lead to Opportunity

When you're interacting with a sales prospect, you can use the native Salesforce functionality (supported by Nimble AMS) to Convert a Lead to an Opportunity (external). While doing so, you can also Convert a Lead to an Account (external) and set it up as an individual one or company.

Convert Opportunity to Nimble AMS Order

Once Sales Cloud Connector is configured on an org, Staff Users can convert an Opportunity to a Nimble AMS Order. With a single click of a button, they can launch the Convert To Order wizard from the Opportunity record, preview the order details and confirm to convert the Opportunity to a Nimble AMS Order. 

Nimble AMS product types supported within the Sales Cloud Connector feature:

  • Advertisement
  • Donation
  • Exhibit
  • Membership

  • Merchandise
  • Miscellaneous
  • Sponsorships

  • Subscription


If you want to use the Advertisement, Exhibit and Sponsorships product types within the Sales Cloud Connector feature, then you have to raise additional pilot request to acquire these product types in your environment.

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