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Spring '20 Major Features

Major Features

Learn about the most significant enhancements introduced in Nimble AMS Summer '20 and which major features from past releases are "growing up".  

Spring '20 Major Features

Nimble Communities

Nimble Communities is a social collaboration platform that allows associations to connect and share information with and between their constituents.   Associations can create branded communities that brings the association experience right to members fingertips, wherever they are.  Customers can take advantage of a wealth of benefits to create a personalized community experience that engages constituents, by leveraging the platform capabilities directly tailored for associations.

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Nimble Predictions - Member Lapse Prevention

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a technology of tomorrow for associations.  Using Nimble AMS and Salesforce Einstein Prediction Builder, associations can now leverage artificial intelligence to predict which members are most likely to lapse their membership.  Our Member Lapse Prediction solution can help reduce staff time by using the power of artificial intelligence to identify and highlight high-risk members and avoid costly, time-intensive analysis.  Staff will spend less time researching member retention problems and instead focus on actions to increase retention. 

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Point of Sale

Save time, save money, and delight your customers with an enhanced point-of-sale payment experience from Nimble AMS. Point of Sale capability allows associations a convenient and simple way to accept secure credit card payments onsite automatically at conferences or events without the hassle of long lines. It's a secure and stable way of accepting credit card payments using a card reader that accepts chip and swipe card transactions which makes your organization more PCI-compliant. Imagine the flexibility and security of accepting payments from your constituents at a conference, fundraiser, or at bookstore with a simple swipe.  

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Save Payment Method at Checkout

Community Hub now makes it even easier for association customers to save their payment right during the checkout process for use in future purchases.  Allowing payment options to be saved for later use helps ensure future orders are simple and quick for customers, and provides the easy experience they expect.  Saved payments can also make it easy for customers to schedule future payments, or choose how they want to handle recurring payments for orders such as memberships and donations. 

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Expo Logic Badge on Demand Integration

For associations who wish to print badges for event attendees, the Badge on Demand Integration is a badge printing solution that allows for badges to be printed during registration, prior to event attendance, or during self-check-in at an event. This integration solution allows for seamless passing of registrant information from the AMS into the badge printing software (Expologic) with little/no manual interference needed.

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Solution Hub

As associations change and grow, their needs will evolve beyond what was determined for their initial launch of Nimble AMS.  Nimble AMS customers can now discover and install supporting Nimble AMS apps on demand using the new Solution Hub.   With Solution Hub, It is easier than ever to adopt new capabilities and increase an organization's productivity.

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Existing Features Growing Up

Introduced in prior releases, these features are advancing to the next level of the feature lifecycle in this release. 

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