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Store Page

The Store page provides a way for users to shop for Merchandise products through browsing, searching, filtering, and viewing categories. The Store shows active Merchandise products that have Self Service Enabled selected in Staff View. Each merchandise product shows a name, short description (including HTML content), retail price, if users are logged in as members, the member price, and a product image. For any Merchandise product, users can click to see more information.

The Merchandise products on the page are shown in groups of ten, so users see a count at the top of the page showing how many products are being shown out of the total number of products, and once users get to the bottom of the page, they can click to see the next group of ten products.

Viewing Product Price in Preferred Currency

As of Nimble AMS Winter '20 release, if your Org is enabled with Internationalization feature, and currencies are added for the logged in CH user, the user can select their preferred currency from a drop down on top right. The price of all the products will then be visible in preferred currency of the user. 

A guest user can also view the product prices in their preferred currency by selecting the same from this drop down, which will have all the currencies set at organization level.

Page Information

Controller NamePageController
Heading LabelOnlineStore
Description LabelBrowseOnlineProducts

Cards on the Page

StoreListStore List Card Type
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