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Summer '22 Maintenance Release

This is a list of every change made in the Summer '22 Maintenance Release of Nimble AMS. To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to our new features.

Maintenance Release - Staff View

Defects Fixed

Added Type column in Deferred forecast Detail

Previously there was no column for forecast type in deferred schedule. If membership was cancelled by mid-year, then it did not recognize the revenue for the rest of the duration. To resolve this issue, we have added the Type column with fields which are Actual, Forecast Catchup and Forecast. If there is a Forecast Catchup row then it will be highlighted. In terms of transactions, it provides the appropriate deferred revenue forecast. (AMS-12595)

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Membership cancellation is now possible in the current month

When users attempted to cancel a membership with the End Date in the current month by using the Manage Membership LWC, an error generated. Users can now cancel their membership in the current month and consecutive months. (AMS-12602)

The Deferred Forecast Detail is now sorting correctly

In some instances, a Deferred Forecast Detail of a Deferred Schedule sorted out of order. Even though this was visible on the screen and did not affect the function of the software, it could have appeared like the Deferred Schedules weren’t processing appropriately.

We have fixed this issue. Deferred Forecast Detail records are now sorted by the Transaction Date and the newest record is at the bottom. (AMS-12632)

The 'Is Shippable' checkbox on the Order Item Line no longer turns to false after an express payment

Due to a defect, the Is Shippable checkbox on the Order Item Line record was changing to false after orders were paid through an Express Payment. This is now fixed. (AMS-12638)

Carts with hosted credit card as payment can no longer be deleted

Carts using Credit Card hosted payments are now prevented from deletion. Before this defect fix, it was possible to delete the carts with Credit card hosted payments, which was causing inconsistencies with payment entries on the BluePay payment gateway. (AMS-12633, NC-6234)

Event badge now stays linked to the event registration record when using coupons

In some instances, when editing the event badge, the badge became linked to the coupon rather than the event registration making it inaccessible to the registration process. This is fixed and now the event badge will remain linked to the event registration while using coupons. (AMS-12683)

One Payment Wizard now respects the Transaction Date of a Manual batch

When a user made a payment using the One Payment Wizard by selecting a batch (from a date other than today), the system ignored the batch date. This resulted in the Transaction Date for all of the payment transactions being set to the current date (instead of the batch date).

We have fixed this and the Transaction Date of the manually selected batch is respected when payment is created from the One Payment Wizard. (AMS-12653)

Registration Counts for events made correct

Registration Counts for events were not updating correctly when the Sync with LMS checkbox on event record was selected. This allowed additional users to register for the event although max registrations were met. This is now fixed, and the registration counts are updated successfully. (AMS-12681)

Coupon now discounts a single product in a mixed order

When a coupon that was configured with product-specific discount links was applied to an order with multiple items, the coupon failed. After the fix, the coupon discounts a single item to an order with multiple items. (AMS-12675)

The SOQL queries in Flexible Payments made selective for optimization

On rare occasions, users were running into an issue where they were getting an error in the apex job related to processing schedules. We optimized the SOQL queries by adjusting them to be selective queries (queries containing at least 1 selective filter). The selective SOQL queries limits the count of the records retrieved, thereby avoiding errors and ensuring that flexible payments can handle an increased number of records quicker. (AMS-12665)

Recurring payment made more compatible with Entity Crossover in Nimble AMS and Community Hub

We have added support for recurring orders utilizing Entity Crossovers. This has been done so that Secondary Entities will use the respective Primary Entity's Payment Method(s) when the Secondary Entity lacks the appropriate payment methods. (AMS-12604, AMS-12600, AMS-12594, AMS-12579)

Cart Count field now syncs with related carts for the Batch Record

In some instances, the Cart Count field on the Batch Record was out of sync when manually adjusted. This caused a bad batch that could not be posted or exported. We've resolved this by using the Update Financial Totals link to sync the Cart Count for Batch Records. (AMS-12676)

Process Scheduled Payments job improved to suit Pacific Time zone

The nightly "Process Scheduled Payments" Job ran at 2 am, which was still the previous day for Pacific Time users. This resulted in those users' payments not being processed as scheduled.

To suit Pacific Time zone, you can now manually schedule the ScheduleLinesProcessorJob through the developer console. (AMS-12654)

Payments voided before queue process no loner result in error

When paying with a credit card, if the payment was voided (for example, payment becoming 0 due to editing orders) before the queue process ran, then it resulted in an error. Moreover, this left a payment record with the Pending Capture checkbox selected and a queue record that was trying to process. There were no financial issues because of this; the only issue was abandoned records.

The defect is fixed so that there are no errors, the queue process record gets deleted and the pending capture checkbox on the payment record is unchecked. (AMS-12657, NC-6233)

Improved error handling on cart submission

Previously, staff users received an 'entity is deleted' error message when trying to submit a cart where the stored payment method was used and ID referenced in the data field of the membership cart item was marked for auto-renewal; however, the stored payment method was deleted before the cart was submitted. We've fixed this to allow staff users to submit the cart even though the Stored Payment record is deleted. (AMS-12531)

Seasonal Permission Changes

See the Summer '22 Permission Changes in the Security section.

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