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Tips for Working With eCheck

At this time, the eCheck functionality works exclusively as a stored payment method and is not available to input during a purchase like a credit card payment. In the event that non-stored eCheck needs to be used as during a purchase, constituents will first need to access the "Manage Bank Accounts" page and add a new stored bank account.

In addition to enabling the feature in Nimble AMS, your association needs to understand how to accept eCheck payments.

  • Application with the Payment Gateway—The payment gateway acts as the acquirer for all transaction processing, which is why you are required to go through an underwriting process to obtain an eCheck account with the payment gateway. Contact BluePay or Authorize.Net to apply to accept eCheck payments with their payment gateway.
  • Supported Bank Account Types—Only U.S. based personal checking, savings, and business checking accounts may be used for processing eCheck transactions.
  • Transaction Types—Nimble AMS processes eCheck payments from personal checking and savings accounts as Prearranged Payment and Deposit Entry (PPD) transactions and payments from business checking accounts as Cash Concentration or Disbursement (CCD) transactions. Each type of transaction are governed by certain processing conditions, specific payment authorization requirements, and additional requirements as established by NACHA.
  • Payment Authorization—In order to process eCheck transactions, you are required to obtain the proper payment authorization from your constituents prior to submitting a charge transaction against their bank account.

    • In Community Hub, constituents must select I Agree when adding or editing a stored bank account on the Manage Bank Account page and are reminded of their authorization when checking out with the stored bank account, which is noted on the cart payment and payment record.

    • In the Staff View order process, staff must select Authorization Received to make a payment using an eCheck stored payment method. This acknowledgement is noted on the cart payment and payment record.

      We highly recommended you also upload the authorization documentation to the payment record generated when the eCheck payment is entered.

    Show Me an Example...

    Welcome to the terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") for use of a bank account registered with this association as a payment method on the association's website or with the association. If you choose to use a bank account as your payment method, you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.
    1. eCheck Bank Account Payments. By choosing to use a bank account as your payment method, you will be able to complete your purchase using any valid automated clearing house ("ACH") enabled bank account at a United States-based financial institution. Whenever you choose to pay for an order using your bank account, you are authorizing this association (or its agent) to debit your bank account for the total amount of your purchase (including applicable taxes, fees and shipping costs). Your transaction must be payable in U.S. dollars.
    2. Required ACH Authorization. By choosing your bank account as your payment method, you agree that: (a) you have read, understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions, and that this agreement constitutes a "writing signed by you" under any applicable laws or regulations, (b) you consent to the electronic delivery of the disclosures contained in these Terms and Conditions, (c) you authorize this association (or its agent) to make any inquiries we consider necessary to validate any dispute involving your payment, which may include ordering a credit report and performing other credit checks or verifying the information you provide against third party databases, and (d) you authorize this association (or its agent) to initiate one or more ACH debit entries (withdrawals) or the creation of an equivalent bank draft for the specified amount(s) from your bank account, and you authorize the financial institution that holds your bank account to deduct such payments.
    3. Your Bank Reconciling. Transactions that we process using your bank account will be identified with the association's name (or similar identifier) on the statement issued by your bank or other financial institution holding your account. All questions relating to any transactions made using your bank account by us should be initially directed to the association.
    4. Transaction Errors. If you believe that any payment transaction initiated by this association (or its agent) with respect to your bank account is erroneous, or if you need more information about any such transaction(s), you should contact us as soon as possible as provided in Section 3 of these Terms and Conditions.
    5. Your Liability for Unauthorized Transactions. As general rule, you should report any fraudulent, erroneous or unauthorized transactions to your bank within 60 days after the questionable transaction first appeared on your bank account statement. You should contact your bank for more information about the policies and procedures that apply to your account and any unauthorized transactions, including any limits on your liability. Federal law limits your liability for any fraudulent, erroneous unauthorized transaction from your bank account based on how quickly you report it to your financial institution.

  • Authorization Storage—You must retain record of a payment authorization for two years after the completion of a transaction.
  • Returns and Chargebacks—The payment record(s) for an order paid for with an eCheck are not updated when Returns and Chargebacks occur.
  • Notifications of Change (NOC)—The external payment profile record used to pay for an order is not updated in the case of a Notifications of Change (NOC). You must update the external payment profile from the constituent's account.
  • Refunds—You must apply a refund to the order manually in the Staff View order process.
    • eCheck refunds are supported for customer using BluePay payment gateway through Nimble AMS order process.

    • However, for customers using, you must process refunds separately in the payment gateway. 

As of now, Partial refunds using the eCheck/ACH Stored Payment Method are not supported with the CardPointe Payment Gateway Integration.

  • Access to Purchased Merchandise—We recommend you wait until the settlement of eCheck payments before shipping or providing access to merchandise purchased using eCheck.
  • Monthly and Per-Transaction Limits (Authorize.Net Only)—When using eCheck, you must apply and go through the underwriting process to determine your monthly and per-transaction processing limits.
    You will want to ensure your staff is aware of your association's monthly transaction limit, as it is not tracked and upheld by Nimble AMS.
  • Customer Information Manager (Authorize.Net Only)—When using eCheck, you must enable Customer Information Manager in the Tools area.
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