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Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is a two step verification process which takes place when a user logs in to the account. It adds an additional layer of security for the organization's accounts and ensures only the authorized users are using their accounts. Once implemented, it would not need any additional security experts. Also, as it is a free feature from Salesforce, there's no cost impact.

An Administrator can enable two factor authentication by adding Two Factor Authentication in High Assurance column of session settings, for all users of a profile or for specific users by using permission settings.  

Users must install the Salesforce Authenticator app in their mobile device and map it to their account using a two word phrase or scanning the QR code with verification code. See Salesforce (external) for more details on Two-Factor authentication and specifically the methods for verifying identity (external).

Two Factor Authentication Management

A staff user or community hub user can secure their credentials by using the Salesforce Authenticator app and mapping it with their account with a two word phrase or QR code. Once the user enters the two word phrase or QR code, they will receive a push notification asking to connect on their mobile device to allow log in to the application. 

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