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View and purchase an Advertisement in Experience Cloud

Nimble AMS enables association members to purchase advertisements through a modern, enjoyable, and seamless shopping experience. Members can view the details of the Advertisement product through the product details page and make an informed decision to complete the purchase process. The system automatically creates the necessary order and financial transactions once the payment is made.

View the Product Details

The Product Details page provides a detailed view of the product. Constituents can see the name of the product along with the image, description, and price. Constituents do not have to be logged in to Experience Cloud Community Hub to view the details of the product. The constituent will see their special pricing once they log in. We've designed the page to make it easy for them to navigate and make an informed purchase decision.

Figure 1. Advertisement product details page in Experience Cloud Community Hub

Purchase and Check Out an Advertisement product through Add to Cart

To purchase an advertisement product, constituents can click on the Add to Cart button located on the product details page (shown in figure 1).

  1. Add to Cart will add the advertisement product to the constituent’s cart. They can continue to shop for other products. Constituents can click the shopping cart icon to view their Shopping Cart.

Figure 2. Product details page showing that advertisement has been added to cart. Clicking the shopping cart icon will redirect to the shopping cart.

Use the Product Variants feature when configuring the Advertisement product type to provide a rich browsing experience to your constituents as they view the product details and choose from various options available to them. If the advertisement offering is part of your upcoming Event, use the Event Microsites available and create a lightning page to use the Product Details component to allow your constituents to discover these various products in one place thus creating a cohesive experience for your constituents.

2. On the Shopping Cart page, they will see all the products that they have added to their cart along with the Advertisement product (shown in figure 2).

3. Constituents can click the Continue to Checkout button and they will be routed to a Checkout Page where they can edit contact information, view itemized prices, the total amount due, and make payment to finalize the purchase. They can also go back to the shopping cart to make any adjustments to their order before making the payment.

Figure 3. Shopping Cart Page that shows itemized list and prices of products and the option to continue to Checkout

Figure 4. Experience Cloud Community Hub Checkout Page from Shopping Cart process

Constituents must click ‘Save’ to proceed to Pay. Once contact information is saved, the ‘Pay’ button will be highlighted.

Purchase and Check Out an Advertisement product through Buy Now

  1. Constituents can skip the shopping cart process and buy the product directly by clicking on the Buy Now button (shown in Figure 1.). Constituents will be directly routed to a Checkout Page (as shown in figure 5.) where they can edit contact information, view the price, and the total amount due.

Figure 5. Experience Cloud Community Hub Checkout Page from the Buy Now process.

2. Under the Payment Details section, provide the payment information. Click on Pay.

3. You will see a 'Payment Approved' message and a summary of the order will be displayed.

Applying Coupon during checkout

Members and constituents can maximize their savings by applying a coupon code at the time of checkout through an easy process. Please see Applying a Coupon in Experience Cloud Checkout for detailed instructions and important information concerning coupon application.

Guest checkout

Members and constituents can easily purchase a product without having to log in. Please see Guest Checkout in Experience Cloud for detailed instructions on the guest checkout process.

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