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View and purchase Event Registration in Experience Cloud

Nimble AMS enables association members to purchase registration products through a modern, enjoyable, and seamless shopping experience. Members can purchase registration products when they view the details of upcoming events, register for a selected event, select session(s) from the options provided, make an informed decision to checkout, and complete the registration process. The system automatically creates the necessary order and financial transactions once the payment is made.

Register for an Event in Experience Cloud Community Hub

The Events Catalog page in Experience Cloud Community Hub enables a constituent to browse through the list of upcoming events hosted by the association. Once a member makes a decision to register for an event, they click on the Register button which will take the user to the Event Registration page. For detailed information on browsing through the list of upcoming events, please see the Events Catalog page.

Figure 1. Events Discovery page in Experience Cloud Community Hub showing a list of different upcoming events with available filters

To purchase a registration product, constituents can click on the Register button located on the individual Event card from the Event Catalog page or through the Register button on the Event Details page.

  1. The Register button will navigate constituents to the registration page. The constituent will select their registration type, choose the sessions they want to attend along with providing the badge information and answer any questions that the association may be collecting information on.

Webinar Event

If the event is a webinar event and no sessions or event questions have been configured, the user will be directed to the Experience Cloud Checkout page, once they click Register.

Figure 2. Registration page in visualforce where constituents can select different sessions for the event

2.  Once the Registration product, sessions, and additional details as applicable have been selected. the constituent clicks on the Checkout button. The system directs the constituent to the Experience Cloud Checkout page where they can make a payment to complete the registration.

Figure 3. Experience Cloud Checkout page with the itemized details of the Event Registration

3.  In the situation where the constituent wants to make a change to their selection, they can make changes using the Edit or Delete button on the Shopping Cart page. Click on the Back to Shopping Cart button to go to shopping cart page.

Figure 4. Shopping Cart page showing the Event registration details

4.  Clicking the Edit button next to the Event name redirects them back to the registration session page, where they can change their registration details. Clicking the Delete icon available next to the Event name deletes the entire registration. Similarly, individual registration can also be deleted if multiple individuals were registered for an event through the Delete buttons available next to each registrant.

5. Once the constituent is satisfied with their selection, they can click on Continue to Checkout button to arrive at the checkout page where they make payment using one of their stored payment methods or through a new Credit Card. Upon successful payment, they see a confirmation page.

Figure 5. Payment Confirmation & Order Summary in Experience Cloud

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