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View "My Orders" in Experience Cloud


My Orders in Experience Cloud Community Hub feature enables the logged-in members to view their list of Orders on the member portal.

Members can pay off their outstanding balances, and view the Order Summary against the paid Orders along with the other relevant information.

Figure 1. My Orders page in Experience Cloud Community Hub.

Viewing the Order Information

Members can view their list of paid and unpaid orders along with the other order details such as:

Order Number: This unique identifier is assigned to your purchase. It helps us track and manage your order efficiently. You can find your order number on your confirmation email and invoice.

Order Date: The date when you placed the order. It appears on your confirmation email and invoice, providing a reference point for your purchase timeline.

Total Price: The overall cost of your order, including items, taxes, and any applicable fees. This amount is specified on your invoice and payment confirmation.

Balance: Your outstanding amount that needs to be paid.

List of Products: A detailed list of items included with your specific order. This overview ensures clarity and serves as a convenient reference for the contents of your purchase. We display a maximum of 5 products in a single view for each Order.

Number of Items/Products: The total count of individual items or products included in your order.

Icon Legend: Easily distinguish between order types with our intuitive icons for individual and company orders.

  • Person Icon: Indicates an Individual Order.

  • Building Icon: Signifies a Company Order.

Members who are company managers can also view and pay off their Company Orders.

Apply Payment to the Unpaid Orders

The Orders with a positive balance will be displayed with the Pay Balance button so that members can click on it and pay off the amount.

Clicking on the Pay Balance button will navigate the member to the Checkout page where the member can enter the payment details and submit the order successfully.

Figure 2. The Screenshot shows the Experience Cloud Checkout page.

View the Order Receipt

The Orders that are paid will be displayed with the Receipt button so that members can click on it and view the Order Summary.

Clicking on the Receipt button will navigate the member to the Order Summary page where the member can view more detailed information about the Order such as Billing, Shipping Addresses, Payment Method details, Product Details, and Price information.

Figure 3. The Screenshot shows the Order summary page.

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