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When an event is full, staff can use a waitlist to track constituents who are interested in attending. Staff can manually add constituents to a waitlist which can be used for reporting. When an event capacity opens up, then staff can manually register constituents and remove them from the waitlist.

Community Hub users can add themselves to a waitlist when an event is full and receive an email confirmation of their waitlist status.  If a registration a spot becomes available, then the staff can inform the waitlisted individual and manually update the waitlist if he or she chooses to register for the event.

View a Waitlist

  • To view a specific waitlisted event, see the Waitlists-related section.
  • To view any waitlisted event, click on the Waitlist tab and select a list view.

Add a Constituent to a Waitlist

From an event in the Waitlists-related list, click New.

Change the Status of a Waitlist Record

  1. From an event in the Waitlists-related list, click the waitlist you want to update.
  2. In Status, select the new status for the waitlist record.

  3. Click Save.

Register a Person on a Waitlist

  1. Open the Event record and click on the Waitlists-related list.
  2. Click on the Account Name to open the Person record for whom you want to create the event registration.
  3. Complete the registration process.
  4. Once done, navigate back to the Waitlists-related list.
  5. Open the Waitlist record.
  6. Change the Status to Registered.
  7. Click Save.
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