View Flexible Payments

Learn how to view flexible payments, whether they are scheduled payments, installment payments, or recurring payments.

View a Constituent's Schedule Lines

You can always go the Schedules tab to view schedules and the child schedule lines but it can also be helpful to view schedule lines directly from a constituent's account record. We provide a couple ways to view this info.

This applies to one-time scheduled and installment payments only, since recurring payments do not use schedule lines.

Cancellation/Adjustment of Schedule Lines in Partial Payment

In case a staff user makes a partial payment to one-time scheduled or installment payments, the schedule lines are cancelled or updated automatically by Nimble AMS.

As an example, if there is an order with total amount as $43.6 and it is scheduled with 4 installments of amount $10.90 each, then 4 schedule lines get created. If staff user pays off $25 on constituent's behalf, then the first two schedule lines get cancelled and the third schedule line's amount gets adjusted to $7.70. 

This can be viewed on payment step of order processor. Alternatively, you can also go to the schedule record of this order and view the schedule lines on it. 

From the Related List

While schedule lines is a child of schedules, they are also directly associated with the schedule's Account, so you can view both schedules and schedule lines from the account record:

  1. Open the constituent's account record
  2. View the Schedule Lines related list.

    On the default Nimble AMS Lightning record pages for accounts and person accounts, the Schedule Lines related list is on the Order tab of the account record page. It's also visible from the Related List Quick Links section.

From the Scheduled Payments Flow

Once an admin has enabled the Scheduled Payments flow and added it to your Lightning record pages for accounts or person accounts, staff can view a constituent's recent or upcoming schedule lines for a particular status (determined by the Admin). The flow is visible from the account record page's Notifications tab in the right sidebar, unless your admin has placed the flow elsewhere.

For the account you're viewing, the flow displays all schedule lines with one of the following statuses: Canceled, Failed, Pending, or Processed. If the admin also specified a number of days to include, the flow limits the results to a relative date range. The flow clearly displays the status as well as the date range, if there is one.

In the list of results, staff can click the link for a particular schedule line to go to that record and view more details or take action. 

View the Health of a Flexible Payment

Staff can view two different fields to understand the current status of a flexible payment and whether there is any need to manually intervene:

  • From a schedule, Health displays a visual indicator for the current stage of the schedule.
  • For one-time scheduled and installment payments: from a schedule line, Status states the current status of the schedule line.