Duplicate Account Configuration

As an administrator, these are tasks you can complete to configure and optimize duplicate management for your team. For guidance as to which tasks to complete and in what order, visit the Duplicate Account Management FAQ.

Configure Duplicate Rules to Apply to a Specific User Profile

Learn how to configure duplicate rules so they only apply to a subset of your users, such as:

Configure Matching and Duplicate Account Rules

Your association can use Salesforce Duplicate Management in conjunction with Community Hub to alert staff when constituents create a duplicate account, either via the company management roster or during the account creation process.

Enable Duplicate Services

Duplicate services can be enabled to reduce the volume of duplicate accounts created by constituents in Community Hub. These steps enable duplicate record checking on the Create Account and Add Individual pages.

Configure Account Fields

Fields have a big impact on the duplicate account experience for constituents and staff alike. Fields are used in several ways:

Determine Which Duplicate Service Your Org is Using

Nimble AMS allows you to use one of three duplicate services with Community Hub: DupeService, ContainsDupeService2, and DatacloudDupeService.

Duplicate Services Available in Community Hub

Nimble AMS allows you to use one of three duplicate services with Community Hub. The two basic ones are DupeService and ContainsDupeService2. If you want even more capability, you can use Salesforce Duplicate Management via a third service called DatacloudDupeService. Before making a decision, it helps to know how these services differ.

Reduce Duplicate Accounts Coming from Community Hub

To ensure your constituents can move unimpeded through Community Hub and update their profile or make purchases, we don't recommend blocking users from creating an account that is a potential duplicate. However, if the influx of duplicates is drowning your staff, we have some tips that can help you.

Troubleshoot Duplicate Account Management

Duplicate Management is very powerful, with many configuration options, but if it's not working the way you anticipate, it could be one of several things. This guide walks you through a methodical way to identify the problem.