Event Management

Once all of the backend work is done - the event has been made, your sessions are active... looks like things are ready to go! However, there are many features available for events to help make sure that everything runs correctly, such as waitlists, or tracking the logistic to see how well everything went.

Managing Specific Events

Staff can create, edit, delete, and make a duplicate of an existing event.

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Limiting Events

Staff can limit events through a variety of means in order to ensure that only specific constituents can access or register for them, a particular number of seats are filled, or providing the option to attend part of a multi-day event.

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Through Community Hub, constituents can register themselves, co-workers, or guests for open Events.

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When an event is full, staff can use a waitlist to track constituents interested in attending. Staff can manually add constituents to a waitlist which you can use for reporting. When event capacity opens up, staff can manually register constituents and remove them from the waitlist.

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Good logistics management is crucial to any successful event. With so many moving parts from audiovisual needs, to speaker handouts, to food and beverage service, it is essential that staff be able to keep track and deliver what is needed. Logistics delivers a streamlined setup process to track logistics across multiple events, sessions and exhibits. Commonly used logistic categories and items are included and your administrator can define additional categories and items as needed. Each logistic item leverages Salesforce Chatter, activities and timeline functionality. Detailed logistic reporting empowers staff, allowing them to quickly access logistic requirements for each room or the function overall as well as provide accurate, up to the minute print outs for other staff and volunteers.

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