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Anonymize an Individual

Staff can anonymize all personally identifiable information for an individual account in response to a constituent's request to be forgotten. Values in populated fields are anonymized in different ways depending on the field type, and all field history is deleted.

Anonymization is only available in Lightning Experience.

User Permissions Needed

Data Protection And Privacy Admin permission set.

Field history permissions were set for anonymizing individuals.

  1. From an account, click Anonymize. If you do not see this button, click 
    Show More in the dropdown menu..
  2. The individual's records are validated to ensure there are no conflicts that would prevent their account from being anonymized. There are a few different validations you may see:

    The individual has a committee membershipDelete the committee membership
    The individual has an order with a balanceResolve the balance in The Order Process
    The individual has a membershipCancel the membership
    The individual has a cart in an open batchPost the batch
    The individual has a transaction in an open batchPost the batch
    The individual is the only manager for a companySet a different company manager
    The individual is the company primary contactSet a different company primary contact
    The individual is registered for an eventCancel the registration

    You may also see custom validations specific to your association. Speak with your administrator about how to resolve these situations. 

  3. If you want to know exactly what personally identifiable information will be anonymized, you can view all objects affected, and expand to see the fields on each that will anonymized.
  4. ClickNext. The fields are anonymized, Status on the account is set to Inactive, and a message displays about anonymizing the constituent's Community Hub user.
  5. Click Next. The fields are anonymized, Active on the user is deselected, and all related Third-Party Account Links—used for social sign-on—are deleted.
  6. Review the results of the anonymization. There are a few different results you may see:

    CLEAREDThe value of the field has been removed.
    DEFAULTEDThe field, which is a checkbox, has been selected or deselected; whichever is the default value for the field.
    ENCRYPTEDThe field must have a value, so the existing value has been encrypted to avoid identifiability.


    This field cannot be changed. It could be a formula field, with a value based on other fields that can be anonymized, or a base Salesforce field.
  7. Click Finish.

  8. Notice that Anonymized is now selected, Anonymization Date is set to today's date, and the Person Account History related list is empty.
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