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Configure Consent Tracking for Minors in Community Hub

If your association complies with various data protection and privacy regulations and has constituents below a particular age (typically 16 years), it is important to allow these child users to indicate that the holder of parental responsibility provides the child's consent. This recipe serves as one example of how you can require child users to provide information about the holder of parental responsibility at the time of consent.

Recipe Prep

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Parental Consent


During Community Hub account creation, all users must enter their birthdate, and child users must also specify their parental consent info.

Snapshot Parental ConsentCardIn Community Hub, all logged in users can enter their birthdate, and child users must specify their parental consent info.


Create and Configure Contact Fields

  1. Create the following custom fields on the Contact object.

    We will use the PersonBirthDate standard field on the Contact object to store the constituent's specific birthdate. Since this is a Date field, it will require constituents to enter their month, day, and year.

    In an alternative approach, you could simply ask if they are under a particular age by creating, for example, an Under 16 Years of Age checkbox field. This approach would not require the Age or Requires Parental Consent fields.

    Field NameSuggested API NameField TypeNotes
    AgeAgeFormula (Number 18, 0)Calculates the contact's current age based on Birthdate. Learn How to calculate the age for a Contact? (external) to build this formula.
    Requires Parental ConsentRequiresParentalConsentFormula (Checkbox)

    Compares the contact's age to an age that you specify and returns true if parental consent is required. Here is a simple example that requires parental consent for children below the age of 16 years:

    IF( Age__c < 16, TRUE, FALSE)
    Parental Consent First NameParentalConsentFirstNameText

    Stores the first name of the person who holds parental responsibility over the child.

    Parental Consent Last NameParentalConsentLastNameTextStores the last name of the person who holds parental responsibility over the child.
    Parental Consent EmailParentalConsentEmailEmailStores the email address of the person who holds parental responsibility over the child.

    The Requires Parental Consent formula could be more complex, such as requiring consent for different ages based on the child's country.

  2. Go to Setup | Permission Sets | Community Hub Guest | Object Settings | Contacts and grant Read Access and Edit Access to the following fields:
    1. Birthdate
    2. Parental Consent First Name
    3. Parental Consent Last Name
    4. Parental Consent Email
  3. Go to Setup | Profiles | Community Hub Login User | Object Settings | Contacts and grant Read Access and Edit Access to the Birthdate field.
    1. Birthdate
    2. Parental Consent First Name
    3. Parental Consent Last Name
    4. Parental Consent Email

Create Validation Rule to Require Parental Consent During Registration

A validation rule can conditionally require children to provide parental consent information while creating an account, based on their birthdate.  

  1. Create a new validation rule on the Account with the following formula:

     $Profile.Name = 'Community Hub Profile',
      ISBLANK( ParentalConsentEmail__c ),
      ISBLANK( ParentalConsentFirstName__c ),
      ISBLANK( ParentalConsentLastName__c)

    This formula is checking:

      • ISNEW() ensures this only applies during account creation.
      • $Profile.Name = 'Community Hub Profile' ensures this only applies to Community Hub guests, not Staff View users
      • RequiresParentalConsent__c ensures this only applies if the user actually needs to give parental consent. We will be requiring Birthdate so we will know their age when they attempt to create the account.
      • The entire clause ensures none of the Parental Consent fields are blank.

Create Community Hub Cards

  1. Create the Parental Consent card on the Create Account page with the following values:

    TypeField Set Form

    Parental Consent

    Heading LabelParental Consent
    Description Label

    If you are under 16 years of age, please specify that you have parental consent to proceed by providing the information of a parent or legal guardian.

    Data SourceNewAccount
    Field Set

    Parental Consent (In this field set, include Birthdate, Parental Consent First Name, Parental Consent Last Name, and Parental Consent Email. Make Birthdate required.)

  2. Clone the Parental Consent card you just created and add it to the Personal Snapshot page. When cloning, make the following changes:

    FieldPrior ValueNew Value
    NameParental ConsentSnapshot Parental Consent
    Data SourceNewAccountCurrentAccount
    Card Layout


    Allow In Place Editing

    Adding the Parental Consent card to the Personal Snapshot page allows users who have already created an account to specify their birthdate and parental consent information.

    You should consider creating an access control or using validation rules (external) for a richer user experience. For example, a validation rule could require parental consent information if their birthdate determines that they are a child, similar to the validation rule created earlier in this recipe.

    You could also modify the access control on the Consent Alert card—created as part of the Consent Tracking recipe—to ensure children don't see the consent alert (and therefore cannot provide consent) until they have provided parental consent information.

This is just one way you can set up child consent in Community Hub. You can create your own components to customize the experience for your constituents, just be sure that whatever approach you take complies with the data protection and privacy regulation(s) to which you are adhering.

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