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Create a Menu Item

Administrators can create Community Hub menu items and specify a CSS style and user access.

  1. In the App Menu, select Community Hub Setup.
  2. In the tab bar, click Navigation.
  3. Click New Navigation Item.
  4. In Name, enter an easily recognizable term to identify this menu item.
  5. In Description, enter a description of what the menu item does.
  6. In Name, enter a description of the menu item.
  7. In Menu, enter the name of the menu of which the item will be part. Example: Global (global menu), Account (context menu).

  8. In Title, enter the text that will be displayed in Community Hub.
  9. In URL, enter the path for the page to which the menu item should link.
  10. If you want to apply a custom style to the menu items, in CSS Class, enter one or more CSS classes separated by a space. Example: bg-danger big-menu-item.
  11. If you want to grant or revoke access to the menu item, in Access Control, select the access control which grants the access you want to use.

    Deactivated access controls cannot be selected. Create a menu item to activate it.

  12. Legacy menu item access settings:

    We recommend you use an access control, which provide a richer experience, rather than the legacy access settings.

    1. If you want to only display the menu item when a certain checkbox on constituent's account is selected, in Visibility Setting, select the account field you want to control visibility.
    2. If the menu item should display for logged in constituents, select Display For Logged In Users.
    3. If the menu item should display for logged out constituents, select Display For Logged Out Users.
    4. If the menu item should display for company managers, select Display For Company Managers Only.

  13. Click Save.

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