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Create a Stored Payment Method

As a Staff user in Staff View you can now create a stored payment method for an account so constituents can use a stored eCheck account or credit/debit card when checking out. Creating a stored payment method creates an external payment profile record and a related profile in the payment gateway.

User Permissions Needed

  • Nimble AMS Stored Payments permission set
  1. From an account, in the Stored Payment Methods related list, click New Stored Payment Method.
  2. If your association has more than one entity with payment gateways, in the Entity section, select the entity and payment gateway for which you want the stored payment method created.
  3. If your association uses stored credit cards and eChecks, in the Type section, select the type of stored payment method you are creating.
  4. When creating a stored credit/debit card:
    1. In Name on Credit Card, enter the name on the card.
    2. In Credit Card Number, enter the number on the card.
    3. In CSC, enter the three digit code on the back of the card.
    4. In Expiration Month, select the month in which the card expires.
    5. In Expiration Year, select the year in which the card expires.
  5. When creating a bank account for eChecks:

    1. In Name on Bank Account, enter the name on the account.
    2. In Account Type, select the type of account.
    3. In Routing Number, enter the routing number for the account.
    4. In Account Number, enter the account number for the account.
  6. Select Default Stored Payment Option to make this stored payment method the constituent's default payment method when checking out in Community Hub or in the Staff View order process.
  7. The Billing Address section is populated with the Billing Address from the account. Update any appropriate information.
  8. Click Save.

Keep in Mind

  • eCheck stored payment methods require customer authorization prior to processing a payment.
  • The payment gateways require the first word entered in Name on Credit Card or Name on Bank Account be stored in First Name and the rest be stored in Last Name on the stored payment method. As an example, if the name on the stored payment method is April C. Black, First Name will have the value April and Last Name will have the value C. Black.
  • When a new stored payment method is created, a new payment profile is made in a payment gateway and a nominal charge to the account of less than $1 is made temporarily to ensure the payment option is valid and is voided soon after.
  • If your Administrator has enabled the Hosted Payment Forms, you will enter the eCheck account or credit/debit card details on the Hosted Payment Form and store them on the Hosted Payment Gateway instead of Nimble AMS or Community Hub. You can use the 'Hosted Page Experience' toggle to enable or disable the Hosted Payment Forms experience. Learn more.
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