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Upcoming Events Page

The Upcoming Events page displays all events where Hidden is deselected which are upcoming and occurring now according to the constituents timezone. If there are no upcoming events, a message displays letting constituents know there are no scheduled events upcoming. Administrators can configure the Upcoming Events page to display all events together, or to sort the events by type.

A constituent's timezone is not based on their address, rather, the default timezone given to all Community Hub Users which is configured by Nimble AMS Support. You can view the process through the Configure the Default Timezone of Community Hub Users page.

Viewing Registration Amount in Preferred Currency

As of Nimble AMS Winter '20 release, if your Org is enabled with Internationalization feature, and currencies are added for the logged in Community Hub user, they can select their preferred currency from a drop down on top right. On doing this, all the listed registration amounts will be displayed in preferred currency of the user. 

A guest user can also view the registration amount in their preferred currency by selecting the same from this drop down, which will have all the currencies set at organization level.

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